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eric::bar::JControlProperties Class Reference

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eric::bar::JProperties eric::bar::JTabPanel

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 36 of file JControlProperties.java.

Public Member Functions

void add (JComponent cp, int i)
void addButtons ()
void addMain (JComponent cp)
void addPanel (String name)
void addText ()
void addToAspect (JComponent cp)
void addToConditional (JComponent cp)
void addToNum (JComponent cp)
void clearAll ()
void clearme ()
 JControlProperties (int w, int h)
String Loc (String s)
void paintComponent (Graphics g)
void selectTab (int i)
void setMainCenteredContent (JComponent cp)
void setObject (ConstructionObject o, boolean forcevisible, boolean forcefocus)
void setObject (JCanvasPanel jcp)

Package Functions

boolean isValidExpression (String myexp)
JPanel margintop (int h)
double ValueOf (String myexp)

Static Package Functions

static JPanel margin (int w)

Package Attributes

String AAngle = ",AngleObject,FixedAngleObject,"
myJAbsolutePos AbsPos
String ACircle = ",PrimitiveCircleObject,CircleObject,Circle3Object,FixedCircleObject,"
String AEquationXY = ",EquationXYObject,"
String AExpression = ",ExpressionObject,"
String AFunction = ",FunctionObject,"
myJAFx aFx
myJAlias alias
String ALine = ",PrimitiveLineObject,LineObject,TwoPointLineObject,RayObject,ParallelObject,PlumbObject,"
myJA angle
myJAngleLine0 angle0
myJAngleLine1 angle1
String APoint = ",PointObject,IntersectionObject,PointonObject,PointonObjectIntersectionObject,LineCircleIntersectionObject,LineQuadricIntersectionObject,LineIntersectionObject,CircleIntersectionObject,MidpointObject,"
myArcBtn arcbtn
String ASegment = ",SegmentObject,"
String AText = ",TextObject,"
String ATrack = ",TrackObject,JLocusTrackObject,ObjectTracker,JLocusObjectTracker,"
String AUserFunction = ",UserFunctionObject,"
myJBoldLine boldlarge
ContentLine btnline
Color C_Comment = new Color(0, 0, 0)
Color C_TextField = new Color(50, 50, 50)
Color C_TextField_OFF = new Color(150, 150, 150)
myJConditional cbackground
myJConditional cblack
myJConditional cblue
myJConditional cbrown
myJConditional ccyan
myJConditional cgreen
myJConditional chidden
myJCircleLine circle
myJConditional cnormal
myJColorLine color
myJColorTypeLine colortype
myJConditional cred
myJConditional cshowname
myJConditional cshowvalue
myJConditional csolid
myJConditional csuperhidden
myJConditional cthick
myJConditional cthin
myJConditional czvalue
myJTrackDMinChooser dmintrack
myJEqXY eqxy
myJEqXYDHorChooser eqxychooser
myJExpression Exp
Font F_Button = new Font(GlobalFontName, 0, 10)
Font F_CheckBox = new Font(GlobalFontName, 0, TextFontSize)
Font F_ComboBox = new Font(GlobalFontName, 0, TextFontSize)
Font F_ConditionalField = new Font(GlobalFontName, 0, 10)
Font F_Label = new Font(GlobalFontName, 0, TextFontSize)
Font F_NameField = new Font(GlobalFontName, 1, 12)
Font F_TextArea = new Font(GlobalFontName, 0, TextFontSize)
Font F_TextField = new Font(GlobalFontName, 0, TextFontSize)
myJF_d fd
myJF_DMin fdmin
myJF_X fex
myJF_Y fey
myJFilledLine filled
myJF_Max fmax
myJF_Min fmin
myJF_pt fpt
myJF_Discrete ftr
myJUserF_Y fuey
myJFunction func
myJFx Fx
String GlobalFontName = "System"
myJGrid Grid
int HRubSeparatorHeight = 40
int HRubSeparatorWidth = 40
myJInside Inside
JCanvasPanel JCP
myJComment jsComment
myJSliderMax jsMax
myJSliderMin jsMin
myJPopupItems jsPopupitems
myJSliderShowComment jsShowcom
myJSliderShowTicks jsShowTicks
myJSliderShowUnit jsShowunit
myJSliderShowVal jsShowval
myJSliderSnapTicks jsSnapTicks
myJSliderTicks jsTicks
myJSliderUnit jsUnit
JTabPanelTitleBar JTitle
int Leftmargin = 5
JPanel LeftPanel = new JPanel()
myJLineLine line
myJSMax max
myJSMin min
myJName name
ConstructionObject O = null
ArrayList Panes = new ArrayList()
myJPrompt prompt
myPtAwayBtn ptawaybtn
myPtBindBtn ptbindbtn
myPtCloseBtn ptclosebtn
myJR ray
myJRFx RFx
int Rightmargin = 35
JPanel RightPanel = new JPanel()
myJShowLine show
myJSSlider slider
ContentLine sliderline
JPanel SouthPanel = new JPanel()
int TabHeight = 18
int TabTitleMargin = 5
int TabTitleSize = 11
myJTextArea text
int TextFieldHeight = 17
int TextFontSize = 12
myTRK track
myJTypeLine type
String typecode
myJUnit unit
myJUserFunction userfunc
myJX X
myXYlink XYlink
myJY Y
ZirkelCanvas ZC = null

Private Member Functions

void addCommonProps ()
void addJPopupProps ()
void addJSliderProps ()
void addName ()


class  myJComment
class  myJPopupItems
class  myJSliderMax
class  myJSliderMin
class  myJSliderShowComment
class  myJSliderShowTicks
class  myJSliderShowUnit
class  myJSliderShowVal
class  myJSliderSnapTicks
class  myJSliderTicks
class  myJSliderUnit
class  txtfieldTemplate

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