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rene::zirkel::construction::Construction Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Construction holds all construction details, like objects, default values, viewing window etc., but not macros, which are constructions themselves, and stored in ZirkelCanvas. The class has methods to read and write constructions, and to draw constructions to MyGraphics.
Rene Grothmann

Definition at line 40 of file Construction.java.

Public Member Functions

void add (ConstructionObject o)
void addAddEventListener (AddEventListener ael)
void added (ConstructionObject o)
void addError (String s)
void addNoCheck (ConstructionObject o)
void addParameter (ConstructionObject o)
void addTarget (ConstructionObject o)
void addTranslator (Translator t)
void back ()
boolean before (ConstructionObject first, ConstructionObject second)
boolean canAlternate ()
void changed (boolean flag)
boolean changed ()
synchronized void clear ()
void clearAfter (ConstructionObject after)
void clearConstructables ()
void clearErrors ()
void clearParameters ()
void clearRekFlags ()
void clearSwitches ()
void clearTargets ()
void clearTranslations ()
void clearTranslators ()
void computeHeavyObjects (ZirkelCanvas zc)
void computeNeedsOrdering ()
int countParameters ()
int countTail (ConstructionObject o)
int countTargets ()
void delete ()
void delete (boolean clearUndo)
boolean dependsDirectlyOn (ConstructionObject o, ConstructionObject on)
boolean dependsOn (ConstructionObject o, ConstructionObject on)
boolean dependsOnRek (ConstructionObject o, ConstructionObject on)
void determineChildren ()
boolean determineConstructables (ConstructionObject o)
void determineConstructables ()
void dontAlternate (boolean flag)
void doOrder ()
void dovalidate ()
void dovalidateDebug ()
Enumeration elements ()
ConstructionObject find (String name, ConstructionObject until)
ConstructionObject find (String name)
ConstructionObject findInclusive (String name, ConstructionObject until)
String getComment ()
Enumeration getErrors ()
double getH ()
String getJobComment ()
Vector getParameters ()
double getPixel ()
String[] getPromptFor ()
Enumeration getSortedElements ()
Vector getTargets ()
Construction getTranslation ()
double getW ()
double getX ()
double getY ()
void haveChanged ()
boolean haveSwitched ()
int indexOf (ConstructionObject o)
void interpret (ZirkelCanvas zc, String s) throws ConstructionException
void interpret (ZirkelCanvas zc, String s, String comment) throws ConstructionException
boolean intersectionBecameInvalid ()
ConstructionObject last ()
ConstructionObject lastButOne ()
ConstructionObject lastByNumber ()
ConstructionObject lastDep (ConstructionObject o)
synchronized void load (XmlTree tree, final ZirkelCanvas zc) throws ConstructionException, InterruptedException
boolean loading ()
void needsOrdering ()
boolean noteSwitch ()
synchronized void readConstruction (XmlTree tree) throws ConstructionException
void recursiveValidate (ConstructionObject o, ConstructionObject avoid)
void removeAddEventListener (AddEventListener ael)
boolean reorder (ConstructionObject o1, ConstructionObject o2)
void reorderConstruction ()
void runTranslators (Construction from)
void save (XmlWriter xml)
void setComment (String s)
void setH (double h)
void setJobComment (String s)
void setOriginalOrder (boolean flag)
void setParameterAsConstructables ()
void setPixel (double pixel)
void setTranslation (Construction C)
void setXYW (double x, double y, double w)
void shouldSwitch (boolean flag)
void shouldSwitch (boolean flag, boolean note)
boolean shouldSwitch ()
void switchBack ()
void testParameter (ConstructionObject o) throws ConstructionException
void translateOffsets (ZirkelCanvas zc)
void undo ()
void updateCircleDep ()
void updateCount ()
void updateTexts (ConstructionObject o, String oldname)
void validate (ConstructionObject o, ConstructionObject avoid)

Public Attributes

boolean Animate = false
boolean AnimateBreakpoints = false
String AnimateDelay = null
boolean AnimateLoop = false
boolean AnimateNegative = false
boolean AnimateOriginal = false
String AnimateP = null
long AnimateTime = 1000
Vector AnimateV = null
String BackgroundFile = null
boolean BlockSimulation = false
boolean BoldFont = Global.getParameter("options.boldfont", false)
boolean Changed = false
ChangedListener CL = null
String Comment = ""
int DefaultColor = Global.getParameter("options.color", 0)
int DefaultColorType = Global.getParameter("options.colortype", 0)
int DefaultType = Global.getParameter("options.type", 0)
boolean DontAlternateIntersections = false
boolean Hidden = false
String Icons = ""
String JobComment = ""
boolean LargeFont = Global.getParameter("options.largefont", false)
boolean Loading = false
boolean LongNames = Global.getParameter("options.longnames", false)
boolean Obtuse = Global.getParameter("options.obtuse", false)
int Omit = 0
boolean Paint = false
Vector Parameters
boolean Partial = Global.getParameter("options.partial", false)
boolean PartialLines = Global.getParameter("options.plines", false)
Vector PromptFor = new Vector()
Vector Prompts
boolean ResizeBackground = false
boolean Restricted = Global.getParameter("options.restricted", true)
boolean ShowAll = false
boolean ShowNames = Global.getParameter("options.shownames", false)
boolean ShowValues = Global.getParameter("options.showvalues", false)
boolean Solid = Global.getParameter("options.solid", false)
boolean SuperHide = false
Vector Targets
String TrackO = null
String TrackP = null
String TrackPM = null
Vector TrackPO
Construction TranslateInto
MyVector TranslatorList = new MyVector()
Vector V
boolean Vectors = Global.getParameter("options.arrow", false)

Package Attributes

int Count = 0
Vector Errors = new Vector()
Interpreter Int = new Interpreter(this)
boolean IntersectionBecameInvalid
boolean NeedsOrdering = false
boolean NoteSwitch = false
ObjectConstructor ObjectConstructors []
double Pixel = 100
boolean ShouldSwitch = false
Vector Undo = new Vector()
Vector VOld = null

Static Package Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = Zirkel.Version

Private Attributes

AddEventListener AEL = null
double H = 8
double W = 8
double X = 0
double Y = 0

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